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Save 50% OFF MY PROVEN Business Organization System to Save you TIME!

I want to share with you something that is probably hard to hear -
Most business owners can’t get past the idea of 
being busy is being productive.
I designed the Trello Business System to literally put your business at your fingertips and keep up with your fast paced lifestyle. Stop struggling to stay organized and take action to move your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 
Trello Business System
What's Included...
Week at a Glance Template
  • Focus Your Attention
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Inspiration
  • Business Goals
  • Overcome Roadblocks
  • Utilize Time Blocking
  • $37 Value
Ultimate Client Onboarding Template
  • You rocked the discovery call and landed the client! Congratulations! Now what? Never miss a step with the Ultimate Client Onboarding Template and shave hours off your client onboarding process. 
Complete Team Onboarding Template
  • Your business is growing and you are ready to start building your team! Keep yourself organized with the Complete Team Member Onboarding Template. This template will set both you and your new team member up for success. 
Client Work Template
  • Juggling multiple clients can get messy. Use the Client Workspace Template to keep yourself focused, on task, and organized. 
365 Social Prompt Template
  • Tired of sitting in front of a blinking cursor and can't think of anything to write or post on social? 365 Social Prompt Template has you covered. For the next 365 days, never run out of things to say!
90 Day Product Launch Template
  • Have a product that you have been thinking about launching? 90 Day Product Launch Template has you covered from tools, resources, and the steps you need to take for the next 90 days to share your big idea with the world! 
  • Don't launch without my proven 90 Day Product Launch Template. 
this is a done-for-you system.
With a FREE TOOL all the templates and resources are there for you. 
You can get this set up for your business in less than a day and 
keep your business running smoothly every day after that!
Limited Time Offer
Trello Business System is only available to you for 30 MINUTES so act quickly.
"No More Headache Guarantee"
If Trello Business System doesn't show you how to organize your business to save time and money …. if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and show me how to set up my boards ... or if it fails to put my business at my fingertips, then I understand that within 14 days I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
The Bonuses:  Done for You Board Templates 
Trello Board: Pinterest Profile Checklist
Use the Pinterest Profile Checklist to optimize your Pinterest Profile to drive traffic to your business. The Pinterest Profile Checklist is a great start to help you build checklists for your business.
Trello Board: Client Work Checklist
 This board is designed to help you see at a glance your workflow and add important deadlines to your calendar and to your calendar.
Trello Board: Client Onboarding Checklist
You rocked the discovery call and have a new client!  Congratulations!!  
Now what?
I have put together a comprehensive checklist to shave hours off your client on boarding process.  From invoicing to the client questionnaire ... it's in there!
Trello Board: 365 Social Prompts 
Tired of sitting in front of a blinking cursor and can't think of anything to write or post?  I've got you covered with 365 social prompts to NEVER run out of things to say! 
Trello Board:  Virtual Assistant On-boarding
You are ready to start building a team but have no idea where to start?
I have a complete checklist and on-boarding system ready to keep you organized and set your new team member up for success!
Trello Board: Digital Product Launch System 
Thinking about launching a digital product but have no idea where to start? I have covered from tools, resources, and the steps to take to launch a digital product without a list! Don't launch without my proven Digital Product Launch System. 
The Complete Trello Business System
...will revolutionize the way you run your online business. Get the complete system within the next 30 minutes for only $47  >> $27.
Here is what Joren had to say
I love how the Business Plan of Action and Business Binder make me so productive this week. 🤹🤹🤹 

I have even made a separate board for my FB Ads workflow while listening to a very good resource. Doing so made me more confident about the service I will provide. 

I am so determined to get my hands on the other boards 💪👊👊 as I saw good results from just working on the 2 boards I have now, how much more if I finish it all. 🤩🤑🧜‍♂️ 
Here is what Carol had to say
Trello Business System is the home base for your business.
>> Here’s what Carol had to say:
I thought I was organized - but not even close. You’ve given me back at least 5 hours a week. Immense THANKS!”
Think about how much 5 hours is worth to your business! 
If you are service-based business and charge a minimum of $30 per hour it is worth $600 a month! #MONEYTALKS 
You can’t afford NOT TO start TODAY!
My Story Starts Here...
About Rhonda
Rhonda Melogy is a seasoned business owner, having owned a pop-up local event for 17 years and generating more than $5.5 million in revenue
...while homeschooling her four children with a deployed husband and no child care.
When she transitioned into the online space several years ago, she put all her knowledge of systems and workflows into her new business coaching online service providers who were launching and scaling their businesses. 

She now wants to share this with you, because she understands the importance of carving out space for yourself. 

Rhonda knows all about building a flexible business so that you can be present with your family.  She is a busy homeschooling soccer mom to two boys and a girl and recently moved her oldest son to college. 

Rhonda is host of Business Strategy Radio Podcast, founder of Tech Lab, and Stephen Larsen’s Performance coach for Offerlab, his highest ticket program. 
Reminder: This offer is ONLY available for 30 minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions
How quickly can I start using this system?
I'm glad you asked. As quickly as you can watch and implement the first board tutorial. I know when I have an issue and find a solution, I am all in. Trello Business System is a custom fit tutorial, meaning you can use as many or as few f the systems as you need to get your business organized. You can always go back to tweak and add when you are ready.
What if I don’t want to use Trello?
The system that I share with you can be used with any project management tool. Trello is an amazing free tool. I think of it as my personal assistant. It's the extra help I need to get through my week.

Here's what Nicole had to say:

"Thank YOU Rhonda, I just spent a couple hours now setting up my boards/systems. I chose to use Asana for this - as I love to use the list board feature for each client work - and I'm super excited that everything now is organized in one place. This will be a continuous work in progress but at least now I know everything is in one place! "

Will Trello Business System work for my business?
So glad you asked! Here are just a few businesses that are using Trello Business System: 

*Digital Marketers
*Project Managers
*Online Business Managers
*Social Media Managers
*Virtual Assistants and Freelancers
*Real Estate Agents
*Brick & Mortar Business Owners
*Online Business Owners
* & More

Join almost 2,000 female business owners just like you! 
What happens when I purchase?  
Once you have successfully completed payment, you will have immediate access to all tutorials, templates, and yummy bonuses.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own, including your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop! (I know you busy and on the run and wanted to be sure to make things accessible as you get started!)
Can I use the free version of Trello and do I need any other apps to make this work? 
Absolutely!  I used the free version of Trello for years while using my system.  

No, you do not need to add additional apps in order to use Trello Business System.  
Do you have templates for to help me organize my life?
Absolutely!  As a homeschooling soccer mom, I was tired of running my home off the back of an envelope I found in my car on the way to the grocery! #truth
I have you covered with Trello for Home and 11 templates including:

*Save the Date:  Birthday & Anniversary
*Meal Planning
*School & Homeschooling 
*Birthday, Holiday, Summer Activities for Kids 

Bonus:  A Chore Chart that Works 
The same easy-to-implement system that I have used with my children for 4,300 days and counting!
Includes School Strips:  Organize your child's school day the easy way!
Your business needs Trello Business System.
This 30 minute ONE TIME OFFER will run out soon.
The Complete Trello Business System
...will revolutionize the way you run your service based business. Get the complete system within the next 30 minutes for only $47  >> $27.
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